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Septic Service

General Septic Questions

Q. I am not having any problems, so why do I need to pump my tank?
A. The reason for pumping tanks is to keep the effluent quality at a good level that goes to your drainfield. If you let a tank go on too long before pumping, it will become overfilled with organics. This in itself will cause several problems. One, your tank will become what is known as self cleaning. As you run water from your home the incoming water tries to create turbulence inside the tank. This can cause sludge to be flushed from the tank to your drainfield which in turn plugs your soil and eventually will not allow water to pass through. The fix for that is to replace your septic system, which can be costly and aggravating.
Q. How often should I have my tank pumped?
A. Your septic permit issued by the state of Delaware states every 3 years. However, that time frame really depends on the amount of loading your tank receives. When a tank becomes 1/3 full of organics, which is roughly 18 inches total combined depth of both scum and sludge layers, the tank needs pumping.
Q. I get phone calls and see ads on television for septic tank additives, should I use them?
A. No. Adding an additive may cause more harm than good. They may cause fine particles of uneaten scum to not settle and the sludge layer to become light and fluffy. Therefore, as you run water from your home, this will be flushed out to your drainfield. Also, the state of Delaware does not approve the use of additives.

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